Kids learn about cough and colds at Aldergrove library story time

This week, we had a wonderful time presenting our message to parents and preschoolers at the Aldergrove branch of the Fraser Valley library system. The session was attended by four parents and their six little ones.  Beebee, the children’s librarian begun by reading from these fun stories to the children:

  • Buster catches a cold
  • Dear Daisy get well soon
  • Farm Flu

It was so delightful to watch the spell-bound children as they listened to the fascinating story of why the rooster couldn’t coock-a-doodle because he had a sore throat. The remedies recommended for the rooster included tea with honey as well as rest – perfect non-medicinal ways to manage symptoms! After the story time, we spoke to the parents.  Since the story time theme already referenced our message, it was easy to transition into our talk and still keep the little ones engaged.  We focused on our colorful fortune-teller handout. It was good to see that they knew the key message to “wash their hands.”

None of these parents had encountered the Health Canada advisory so it’s clear that we need to continue disseminating this important message at every opportunity. From this session it was clear that

  • having a brief story time for the children prior to the talk for the parents worked better than dedicating the entire story time session to the presentation.
  • we needed to be flexible in doing an informal talk when kids were present rather than a formal Powerpoint presentation
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