Celebrating health literacy month

I have been incredibly busy this month, organizing activities to celebrate health literacy month in various places:

  • I contributed a health literacy story to the Health Literacy Month website. All the stories are so inspiring!
  • I helped organize a well attended event and display in the Ministry of Health Services building. I compiled the content for the display panels and powerpoint presentation and also compiled health literacy resources. The event was well attended and a huge success in raising awareness about the importance of health literacy. Many expressed shock  to learn that 60% of Canadian adults lack adequate health literacy skills to manage their health. The handouts on how to measure readability and plain language checklists were very popular. But even more popular were the chocolate and tiny orange treats with the health literacy stickers on them!
  • I proposed that Burnaby Public Library put on a health literacy display and suggested suitable sites and resources
  • I am on the executive of Health Library Association of BC, I helped craft a press release encouraging librarians and health professionals to recognize the link between health literacy and outcomes and the need to promote health literacy:
    • encouraging the public to be active participants in their healthcare by asking questions
    • encouraging health professionals to communicate in plain language 
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