mHealth Summit 2010: Notable tweets

This is the final of a series of posts summarizing the recent 2010 mHealth summit‘s highlights from my own perspective and through the lens of insightful tweets of avid tweeple who attended the conference in person. Previous posts include an overview, Patricia Mechael’s pearls of mHealth wisdom, mHealth is not about technology, mHealth and the evidence and mHealth in western vs global contexts.

Below are succinct snippets of mHealth wisdom not captured in the previous posts:

  • lundelle RT @eedgerton mHealth can help throughout value chain: prevention/info; data collection; diagnosis; treatment/intervention; homecare. #mhs10
  • RT @Hallicious: Right on: mHealth technology doesn’t have to be perfect. It just needs to be better than what exists today. – Dr Joseph Smith
  • downeym Great point from audience member – don’t forget illiterate, tech-unsavvy users when making #mHealth solutions. Design well! #HCI #mHS10
  • alshar Misalignment: Docs paid for procedures and hospitalization. Patients want avoid both. #mHS10
  • stevemuse No real strategy in mHealth, gov, private sector doing innovative things, supply led direction, but what does society want #mhs10
  • chloevdc audience member: ‘data is great for research and providers, interaction is needed for patients’ #mhs10
  • chloevdc Rural telemedicine is happening in rural India already. Check out Big announcement tomorrow morning! #mhs10
  • Mhealth is not  fad, delivers real outcomes – real value across chain; 30% of consumers willing to pay $2 on consultation Lisa D. Ellis, McKinsey & Company
  • @billgates The major problems in a developing country are insolvable at a 3% per year population growth. #mhs10 (via @clickwisdom)
  • mPuleio mHealth consideration: what is the key metric you are trying to improve?-Gates #mhs10
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