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Seniors take charge of their health

January 13, 2011

Seniors taking an active role in their health

Health Watch program in Burnaby, British Columbia struck me as a really unique program for promoting wellness among seniors. This calendar outlines some of their weekly activities.  Healthwatch along with three other programs  is part of the Burnaby Partners in Seniors Wellness. It is an excellent model of what can be done when seniors come together and are supported to take charge of their own health.

  • The group is run by a volunteer board which plans and manages its activities. They request for funding from the Fraser Health Authority and have to report back on their activities.
  • The funding is used to hire a coordinator who is shared by two programs.
  • Retired health care workers have been recruited as volunteers to conduct screenings, monitor blood pressure and pulse etc.
  • The group has secured permission to collect and maintain the health records of the participants. Volunteers fill out a medical card with vital information and give participants a wallet card. Weight and blood pressure are recorded each visit and an uptodate record of medications is maintained.
  • Trained volunteers offer massage, conduct chair exercises
  • Speakers are regularly invited to speak on various topics of interest to seniors such as our medication safety session.
  • The seniors also enjoy socializing with their peers
  • Partnering with local pharmacists t0 run a clinic  where seniors can bring in their drugs and have the pharmacist “critique” them. One of the seniors brought 21 different medications.
  • Encourage their members to maintain an uptodate medication list.

Image credit: Used under creative common license Pocmont Resort and Conference Centre